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flexible safety barriers

The modular safety systems of BOPLAN® are the most innovative on the market and protect numerous industrial buildings, warehouses, factories, airports, drilling platforms and (petro)chemical sites worldwide. For each specific application, we have a safety solution.

FLEX IMPACT® Traffic Barriers are a form of impact protection specifically designed to protect machines and buildings from collisions with forklifts or other heavy vehicles. These impact protection materials are meant for high-speed transport environments or locations where heavy loads are moved or transported, such as warehouses, construction halls and airports.

Crash tests show that these Traffic Barriers can withstand the impact of a high-speed collision with a 3.5-ton forklift. What is unique about this impact protection is that, even in the event of a collision, its anchor points are not ripped out of the ground and the flexible elements retain their original shape after impact. The modular construction of the Traffic Barriers gives you the opportunity to finish the impact protection of your company one zone at a time or choose to expand at a later date.  

TB Mini Safety Barrier

Protection from trolleys, carts & light traffic
Smallest impact protection size
Perfect for areas with trolleys/pallet trucks with limited speeds & height isn’t important

TB Mini Double Safety Barrier

Protection against low impact objects; pallet trucks, trolleys and containers
Lightest barrier
Additional tube for increased protection

TB 200 Safety Barrier

Wheel guides/wheel stoppers
Can be used to mark the edges of a traffic zone
Complies with safety standards

TB 260 Safety Barrier

Low to the ground for extra impact resistance
Prevents goods sliding below the barrier and getting damaged
Effective crash protection against forklifts and other low impact vehicles

TB 260 Plus Safety Barrier

Effective barrier between pedestrian and traffic zones
Additional safter for pedestrians due to double handrail
Prevents pallets and goods sliding below the barrier

TB 260 Plus Fence

Built-in fence to protect machinery
Ideal for areas forklift manoeuvres take place
Glass fibre reinforced resin fence

TB 260 Double Safety Barrier

Lower to the ground for extra impact resistance
Guardrail for fast manoeuvering forklifts
Fortified by a mid-post

TB 260 Double Plus Safety Barrier

Robust protection against collisions from heavier vehicles
Extra impact absorption
Lower bottom barrier for extra strength

TB 400 Safety Barrier

Strong guardrail against forklift impacts
Protect walls, machinery and infrastructure from limited speed vehicles
BSP polymer

TB 400 Plus Safety Barrier

Protect pedestrians against forklift impacts
Can be used to create walkways
Ideal for protecting people by combining strength and height

TB 400 Plus Fence

Crash protection with machine guard fencing
Offers protection for machinery from falling goods
Resistance against vechile imapact

TB 400 Double Safety Barrier

Protect from collisions with heavier vehicles
Shield zones from vehicles with a higher impact risk
Fortified by a mid-post

TB 400 Double Plus Safety Barrier

Protect pedestrian zones from collisions with heavier vehicles
Handrail provides extra protection from collisions
Double guardrail and handrail with flexible properties

TB 550 Safety Barrier

Crash protection for vehicles involving increased impact
Robust barrier to protect from heavier vehicle manoeuvres
Protect buildings from wrong manoeuvres by heavy transport vehicles

TB 550 Plus Fence

Impact resistant traffic barrier with built-in fence
Specially for use in car parks and acess ramps
Built-in fence protects pedestrians

TB Super Double Safety Barrier

Protect walls, machinery and infrastructure against impacts at higher speeds
Reinforced end and mid posts
Best in impact protection

TB Super Triple Safety Barrier

Extra tough protection from heavy traffic with high impact risk
Heavy duty providing maximum impact resistance
Perfect for business critical installations and buildings

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