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Rack Protection

Rack protectors will not only save you from considerable warehouse damage, they will also help you prevent human suffering! Crashes on racking are among the most common workplace accidents. Forklift operators are often under severe time constraints and have to hurry. A crash against a rack is therefore an accident waiting to happen, and the consequences can be disastrous.

More importantly, this can cause life-threatening situations for the forklift driver or other staff. By installing FLEX IMPACT® Rack Protectors, you eliminate almost entirely the chances of this type of disaster scenario.

RE Rack End with Support

Prevent rack collapse due to a collision with pallet trucks
Fortified mid-post to provide extra support and reinforcement
Flexible rack, retains its shape without the need to repair or replace after collision

RE Rack End

Impact protection for rack ends
BSP polymer
Absorbs impacts and returns to original shape

RE Rackbull

Rack protection that fits all racking
Automatically clicks into place
Absorbs energy from crash impact

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